Unique, Design Led Solution For Vehicle Packaging

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A unique, design-led solution for a vehicle roof bar system

S Lester was approached by an automotive component manufacturer. They brought with them a unique challenge: creating a bespoke packaging solution for their commercial vehicle roof bar systems.

Before offering a solution, S Lester visited the customer’s site. The team wanted to review their supply chain and better understand the unique requirements of the product. Our designers then took a selection of samples back to our development studio to start the design process.

Back at the Development Studio, the team further researched the product by assessing packaging of similar products. They also looked at other products likely to be favoured by the final customer. The proposed supply chain was researched in its entirety, from the factory floor to garage delivery. Graphics were then explored to encompass the manufacturer’s marketing proposals and to stand alongside a new website to be launched specifically for this product range.

Our team explored a pack that would fit the exact measurements of the full range of the client’s product sizes. For each product size, it was imperative that we maintained a design that was easy to assemble, simple to open, secure and easy to recycle.

At our Development Studio, S. Lester produced prototype samples which were produced to challenge the initial design. Our team needed to ensure that all of the previously explored criteria were addressed and that the end product supplied to the customer was the optimum design.

The result was a bespoke packaging solution that met the exact requirements of the client’s initial brief, that was both attractive to the end user but also sustainable in its production

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