Jellyfish Balloon Packaging Solution

Jellyfish Balloon Packaging Solution


The Project Brief

Here at S Lester, we love working on a bespoke packaging solution for our customers and over the years have produced cartons for a wide range of products. Recently, we were approached by a company who wanted bespoke corrugated packaging for a ‘jellyfish’ balloon product.

During our consultation and brief, we discussed what the key needs were for our customer. In this instance, our customer originally wanted the design to include dividers and it was important to keep costs low to increase the margins on their product.

Jellyfish Packaging Solution

Investigating a Packaging Solution

We decided to work on solutions that wouldn’t require tooling, which ruled out the use of dividers but most importantly, would keep prices low.

With this type of product, the risk of transit damage was high. Therefore, we opted to use an 0203 carton. This particular design includes overlapping flaps to increase protection. Also, on the width flap, it has been intended that when the flap ‘rolls over’, it covers the balloon to offer 3 levels of corrugated protection. Furthermore, the overlapping flaps on the base of the carton secured the balloon in position to reduce any movement during transit and consequently limit the risk of damage during delivery.

 A low grade, cost-effective, double-wall option that would offer the necessary strength required for transit.

We also trialed a high-performance single wall material that offered further price benefits without compromising on quality and strength.

Jellyfish Packaging Solution

The Final Product

Ultimately, we opted to produce the 0203 carton in the single wall material due to the cost-effective nature of the board grade. We carried out various tests to ensure there was no damage to the product and this option proved very successful. Most importantly, our customer was happy and once again we had exceeded expectations with the packaging solution provided!

Jellyfish Packaging Solution

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