Sustainable Solution for Automotive Component Manufacturer

Sustainable Solution for Automotive Component Manufacturer


Sustainable, Space Efficient Solution for AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS

An automotive component manufacture company approached S Lester with the request of providing bespoke packaging for electronic demisters for buses. Their existing packaging supplier had quoted them a solution that used multiple materials, including foam, which garnered high unit costs. This combination of materials also created difficulties with recycling.

In order to provide a viable solution, the S Lester team needed to focus on creating something cost-effective, highly protective, and 100% environmentally responsible. We were confident in our ability to meet this challenge.

Beginning research on the project, S Lester found that the item included five internal fragile glass elements. The pack, therefore, needed to be especially protective, in case of being dropped at any point along the supply chain. The team studied the product’s technical specifications, as well as visiting the manufacturing facility to measure the physical item.

The product had a fixed wiring harness protruding from one side. To keep this secure, consideration had to be taken for the positioning of the wire in transit. The finished pack was required to fit a 1200X1000 pallet, utilising as much of the pallet cube as possible, so as to reduce transit costs.

To address the challenge, S Lester developed bespoke corrugated fittings to sit within a standard outer case that would secure the product whilst also creating an air buffer of protection around it. The final pack was entirely corrugated, instead of being comprised of multiple materials. This meant that it was space efficient, 100% recyclable, and more cost-effective than any solution offered by competitors.

Greyson Thermal SystemsGreyson Thermal SystemsGreyson Thermal Systems

As pictured, the final product contained small, easy to assemble ancillary parts. These not only protected the enclosed component but also provided more protection for the main item, slotting in around the central piece.



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